How do I participate in a Live Online Session?

It is easy to participate in an online session, all you need is a computer, phone or tablet with internet connection that allows you to stream video and audio.

You book an online session in the same way you book a physical event. The session takes place over Zoom, a platform for video communications. Download Zoom for free on your computer, tablet or mobile device. After you have booked a spot, you will receive a booking confirmation with a link and information on how to participate.

Before you participate, we recommend that you test your internet connection, audio and video by participating in a Zoom test meeting.

How to use Zoom

If you use a computer, you can either connect from your browser or download the Zoom app. If you want to connect with your phone, you need to download the Zoom app. You do not need to register a Zoom account to participate.

How to connect through your browser 

The experience will be the best with the Zoom app, but it is also possible to connect to the meeting directly through the browser. If you want to participate with the browser, open the connection link you received from us in your browser (Google Chrome works best). You will come to a landing page where you are asked to download the Zoom app, but you can participate via the browser by clicking on the link Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from Your Browser at the bottom of the window. Then accept the terms of use, enter your full name as the participant name and click Join. If you are a logged in Zoom user, you do not need to enter your name separately.

Problems with Zoom

Make sure it is the right link you are trying to connect to. If the link does not work, try closing Zoom and try again. If it still does not work, you can contact Skillbreak support through the chat on and we will try to assist you. If you have problems using the tool, you can also visit the Zoom Help Center.